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Pre Book Reservation- Group Paying ALL TOGETHER

Reserve your party after hours here! After-hour reservations are requested to be made at least a week prior to the date being requested. This party is for groups of 6 or more and includes 6 large terrarium builds. Builders will be provided with all the same large glass terrarium tanks and no payment will be due the day of the party unless adding additional terrarium plants for $5.99 each, or would like to upgrade to an even larger terrarium. This party package includes all six of the DIY builds and 1 terrarium plant, mood moss, rocks, and cork bark décor.

The workshop after hour fee is included and is for two hours in the space. After hour parties are available from 5-7pm on Tues and 7-9pm Friday or Saturday of your choosing. (if date is not already reserved.) Feel free to call the store to check your date before purchasing. This $270.00 covers all six terrariums and additional builders may be added and paid for at the time of the party.

After you purchase the reservation, you will need to call or email us at to book your date. Email confirmation will be sent to the purchaser for confirmation and will send a reminder email 24 hours prior to your party.

We will reschedule the day for emergencies if needed but do require contact. No Shows will be canceled without a refund. This purchase and not eligible for refunds or cancelations.

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Pre Book Reservation- Group Paying ALL TOGETHER