Do. It. YOURSELF! Build Your Own Terrarium here at our cozy bar top space in the heart of Old Montgomery.

How does it work?
You pick the glass vessel and included is the build, the moss, rocks and one single terrarium plant. Options are all customizable. Add additional plants to your terrarium for 5.99$ per single terrarium plant. Mini Terrariums start at 19.99$ and go up. Larger Terrariums start at 49.99$ and go up. All builds are included in glass purchase price. If you already have a glass vessel at home or have been saving, bring it in and only pay for the build and your plants!

Build as little or big as you’d like.
Builders do not need a reservation.

If your group is going to be 6 people or more, we request you book a party for after hours. BYOB or Dora Drinks are welcome.
DIY Builds are fun for all age groups and kids 4+

SUNDAY 11am-5pm
TUESDAY 10am-5pm
THURSDAY 10am-6pm
FRIDAY 11am-7pm
SATURDAY 11am-7pm

We also offer professional plant staging in your home, business or office. We can find the right plants for the right space together. Our team can also provide total plant care packages that include weekly watering and maintenance. For inquires please email us at

9401 Montgomery Road |Montgomery, OH| 45242


    Vora + Vine was created from a group of artists and their love for plants. We wanted to create a space where we could garden and have it our own way. Plants have become such a vital part of our daily lives that we wanted to share our vision. Having plants in your life and in your space enhances both physical and emotional health, mood and memory. If you are someone who claims they don't have a green thumb we have many great beginner plants for those just starting out.



    As we welcome our new customers we want to ensure to provide a little of a whole lot. If we happen to be missing something you are looking for, please reach out to us to inquire finding your personal favorites. We take special requests for items you cannot find.

    We also make all our own candles in store. Scents are seasonal and do change with the seasons. If you see one of your favorites missing, you may pre order in bulks of 6.

    We love plants and candles, but we also love so much more than that. We have chosen a really unique collection of apparel that will continue to grow as we do!

  • Workshops are Self-Care

    Crafts and Creations are priceless. Create memories with your friends or the one you love. VORA + VINE has a DIY Design style. Where the choice is yours.

    DIY Terrarium and Candle Bar workshops are available for private groups after hours. This does not give us much availbility. Be sure to reserve your space a few weeks to a week ahead of time if booking after hours.

    We also will be hosting monthly DIY workshops that focus on different creations throughout the month. Be sure to follow our facebook page to stay up to date with upcoming events and projects.