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Patio Essentials Black & Tan Tabletop Torch

Our Black & Tan Tabletop Torch adds a touch of global décor to your outdoor living space. The contrast of the light tan base and black finish along with the carved geometric pattern give these tabletop tiki torches an Aztec-inspired vibe that pairs perfectly with the unique, natural style of old world and global décor. Even the metal snuffer adds to the style of the torch with a light wood handle on top! The large opening and puck-shaped wick create enchanting large flames that dance across the top of the torch. The dancing flame brings a small bonfire-like feel to your tabletop that is perfect for a cozy evening on the patio. Dimensions: 4.84” L x 4.84” W x 8.07” H Materials: Terracotta torch body, metal and wood snuffer, metal fuel canister, fiberglass wick 5.96 oz Fuel Canister Capacity Crafted with a puck-style wick that creates large, dancing flames The metal snuffer allows for safe flame extinguishment For outdoor usage only
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Patio Essentials Black & Tan Tabletop Torch
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