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Joy of Doing Just Enough

Joy of doing just enough: the secret art of being lazy and getting away with it, the. A for anyone who's seeking that magical place where doing what comes naturally keeps the do-ers at arm’s length. Being a person is hard enough without all the pressure to be good at it. This book majorly lets you off the hook—not from being a decent, responsible human, but bigtime from the need to achieve massive accomplishments, or a perfect body or home or family or life. Most of us are pretty normal, and that isn't a bad way to be. Here's a manifesto for eating what you want (and not what you don't want), daydreaming while watching the clouds go by, setting chill time in your schedule, not bothering with the dishes after every meal, ditching deadlines, sleeping extra, and taking on turtles and cats as your inspiration.
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Joy of Doing Just Enough