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Unfuck Your Friendships: Make and Maintain Relationships

Unfuck Your Friendships: Using Science to Make and Maintain the Most Important Relationships of Your Life Friendship deserves more credit in a society obsessed with romantic and sexual relationships. In reality, friendship is the key to our mental and physical health, happiness, and social cohesion. Dr. Faith Harper, therapist and bestselling author of Unf*ck Your Intimacy and Unf*ck Your Brain, applies brain science and her clinical and personal experience to help understand this vital type of relationship, offering insight into how to choose and make friends, sustaining and strengthening your friendships, friend group dynamics, friend breakups, setting excellent friendship boundaries, handling conflict, and managing all the different kinds of relationships we encounter in our lives. Includes a series of original advice columns honing in on the details that make our friendships work.
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Unfuck Your Friendships: Make and Maintain Relationships